Meet Our Team

Marcin tattooing his client

Resident Artist Marcin

I first started tattooing 17 years ago and I couldn’t have predicted it would have become such a big part of my life. My first Tattoos of course were very basic simplistic designs like basic tribal designs, which were very popular back then luckily.

In 2008, I studied a tattoo course where I gained a lot of knowledge about health and safety and the technical aspects of tattooing. Over the years I have improved my skill set and now enjoy more complex in-depth detailed designs. Especially ones focusing on black and grey, realism and horror. Although I enjoy and can tattoo most designs.

I love tattooing and being able To express myself artistically this way, I’m so glad to be able to continue to enjoy working with the team of professionals at Hysteria Tattoos.

Lukasz tattooing his client

Junior Artist Lukasz

Ive been tattooing around 7 years starting off as an apprentice and working up to where I am now. I’ve been with the Hysteria team since my apprentice days and honestly couldn’t have done it without them.

I have a real passion for art and love creating designs to put Onto skin. I first started this passion by creating graffiti masterpieces of which I’m commissioned to do. Bold bright patterns and colours are my go to passions, where I can be super creative using street art as inspiration. I also enjoy some of the darker pieces working With skulls etc. I specialise in Neo traditional, realism and geometric designs, but will happily tackle anything you throw at me.

Georgina preparing a tattoo design stencil

Junior Artist Georgina

Hiiiiii I first started my tattooing journey about 5 years ago. I started my apprenticeship With Lisa and the team and have been so excited to see myself progress to where I am now. After acing art at school and college I always knew I Wanted to be a tattoo artist.

I started pursuing my chosen career choice by commissioning art on social media platforms, designing artistic pieces and creating designs for anyone who asked. Eventually it paid off and my Art got noticed. I haven’t looked back. Ive had so much fun developing my skillset and have found my chosen styles for tattooing are Traditional / Neo traditional I love strong lines and bold colours. OH Let’s not forget cute Disney inspired designs too. After a brief break for maternity leave I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio and creating some more works of art.

Iona practicing tattooing on fake skin

Apprentice Artist Iona

Hello I'm Iona, I'm the apprentice at Hysteria tattoos. After getting my first tattoo I discovered my love for the art of tattooing. 

I threw myself into art creating little designs following wherever my inspiration took me artistically. 

My preferred styles are currently neo traditional and blackwork. I hope to grow as part of the team at hysteria and build a career as a tattoo artist.

Judyta practising tattooing on fake skin

Apprentice Artist Judyta

I've been drawing since I learned how to hold a pencil and I was reading since I was 4. At school I was either drawing or reading, thanks to that I have big imagination and very little knowledge of how the earth crust was formed. In art school I loved art history but my art teacher called my style "manga ish" and hated it, so I hated him. 

My style is a mixture of inspirations from Manga, Alfons Mucha, Witkiewicz and Malczewski - harsh lines, intense colors and fantasy topics

Lisa piercing a septum

Body Piercer & Boss Lady Lisa

Helloo, my names Lisa and I’m the body piercer and  “jewellery connoisseur” at Hysteria, I’m also the business owner aka boss lady.

My love and passion for body piercings started at a young Age, I couldn’t wait to reach various milestones in order to start collecting various piercings. This Led me to to want to be able to pierce and provide customers With beautiful new piercings and not just get pierced.

I have years of experience piercing and managing tattoo studios which luckily has created the pathway for me to be able to own my own Studio running it as professionally and hygienically as possible. My love and passion is reflected in my work as I take Great pride in all that I do. I am here to help with all piercing related enquiries and can troubleshoot issues with regards to healing. So please come speak to me especially If your after curated projects ,,,