About Us

The outside view of our Studio

The studio

Hysteria Tattoos was set up and opened in October 2017 by Boss Lady Lisa.

 Marcin, Lukasz and Georgina, were part of a team sourced by Lisa a few years prior whilst working at a different studio and happily transferred to Hysteria when the previous studios owners decided to take a different path with the business.

We chose Kidlington as our location to open, due to being it being nice and central for a majority of our customer base but also for the potential to grow and gain new clients from surrounding areas. When we viewed the property, we found the close proximity to free car parks, and local businesses  really appealing. We had a nice clean space to work with and  then discovered the amazing sweetie shop next door offering amazing sweet treats, (milkshakes and Slushies) for those moments of needing a sugar boost or to cool down in the hot summer months. We were sold. We loved the idea of being able to section off our different areas of business to still be able to accept younger clientele. This meant younger clients could come for piercings and bypass The tattoo area.

We pride ourselves on being a professional, yet friendly studio, we do not judge, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what you like, you can walk in and fit right in. Whether you are a tattoo first timer or a tattoo pro we are here and happy to help.

The tattoo room with our artists busily working

The Tattoo Studio

Here we have the Tattoo side of the studio, each artist has their own sterile station, which is able to be screened off for personal tattoos / privacy. This allows the artists to be able to professionally work with their clients in a hygienic manner. we decided to keep the studio open to allow clients and artists to interact throughout the tattoo process. Our studios a friendly little place and we like to encourage a few laughs here and there.

The studios full of life and is the main nerve station for the whole tattoo process. Here is where designs are created, supplies are kept and tattoos are carried out. We even have our own little photography area, for a quick tattoo photo shoot before wrapping you up and giving our aftercare advice. 

Clinical body piercing room

The Piercing Room

Here we have our clinical piercing room. We try to keep the piercing room very minimalist and plain to be suitable for all ages. This also falls in line for keeping it nice and sterile. We pierce from the age of 3 and our eldest client so far was 92, so as you can appreciate we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

We only stock the best quality jewellery we can provide ( we are always looking to up our game and are currently waiting to be accepted with a few companies in America, to be able to expand our collection with all the shiny goodies) and this goes for equipment used to pierce with too! All piercings are needle piercings only! We are a gun free studio, as the gun method is extremely unhygienic, unprofessional and rather outdated. We have an electric couch for assistance with getting sat comfy ready for your Piercing and a big beautiful mirror for you to admire your new piercing in once we are done.